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We're a small, friendly and and talented team. Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience.

Why Choose Us?

It’s simple when you ask why you should choose us? The answere is… to face off the challenges ahead, we have a view of the digital content is very beneficial and be a faster information in the world of publishing. We have quality to facilitating and answer all the challenges of publishing nowadays. With our experience, we can provide the best.

Believe In What We Do

Are you just keep silent and no take an action? It has been a lot of succeed stories out there about the world of publishing especially media digital publishing. We are proffesional on digital media development as your IT consultant.

Some About True Facts

In fact there are still many conventional publishers. There is some of them already exist to implement of digital media but they don’t have a reach maximum the benefit and result from their online media, why? Some of them think that online just for necessary. Imagine! how many online users today? It would be more value for you as publisher to more easily to reach them with digital media publishing. We also help you to find and share much provit from our advertising membership program.

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Our awesome features

iMediamu is a the best partnership to facilitating you as well as IT consultant to answer all the challenges of publishing world nowadays

Website News Portal

This is the main source of your news portal website. Can be access by personal computer (Desktop/Latop)

Website News Mobile

This is responsive from your website news portal. It’s can be easily to access your information by their mobile device.

Mobile Apps Reader

With mobile apps you can get more easily to access the information from mobile device. It’s available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone

Mobile Apps Newsstand

Spoil your reader by providing a digital version of your print edition. This application will be integrated with the news portal website and mobile apps reader application.

Social Media

The website news portal will integrated automaticaly with social media such as facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest and many more.

Support, Advertise & Admin

Just focus on your core business and we help you publish to online. For this feature has been include on our subcribe price.

What they say about us!

Here are what some our customers are saying about us:

They are professional and serve all the needs for online publication and become our editorial IT consultant. It’s handled by them so that we can remain focused on our core business to improve the quality.

There has never been a service like this before. It is very helpful at all, so that we can focus on our core business and to improve the quality of our reporting. Thank you very much iMediamu.

Life is so hard, why should make it more harder? That is the most appropriate term for this moment. iMediamu is very helpfull, good facilities and good services. It is not just services, quality is priority.

iMediamu is very powerfull. They are very proffesional and very helpful to Minister Communication of Timor-Leste on News office espesially. Because of iMediamu we became the number one for digital publishing on Timor-Leste now

Our best clients

We are honoured to work with our best and of trusted partners